Process Control Solutions

Ensuring product quality for customers around the world

At optek we fully dedicate our innovation and technical capabilities to provide you with the right analysis solution for your individual measurement needs. Our sole passion is to make sure your processes are optimized and under control, ensuring consistent product quality.

optek inline sensors measure turbidity, UV-VIS-NIR absorbance, color, concentration, pH and conductivity using innovative technologies for accurate and repeatable measurement results. Our process control instruments are designed to last, even in harsh environments, a cost effective durable solution you can always rely on.

Inline Process Control

Providing Real-Time Process Insights

optek sensors allow the real time measurement of optical and electrochemical properties of liquids and gases in a dynamic process stream. Our solutions are designed to fit to your individual process setup by offering a wide variety of sensor bodies with different line sizes, connection types and materials. optek sensors can be installed in almost any hazardous location and the measuring results can be configured to match any measurement scale. In general, our sensors are broken down into four main categories:

Absorption- and Scatter based Turbidity Measurements of:

Cloudy, Hazy, Opaque Particulate in Fluids, Oil in Water, Water in Fuels, Air in Hydraulic Oil, Haze in Beer, Milk Fat Content

Units of measurement include: FTU, NTU, PPM, mg/L, g/L, %

Absorption Measurements of:

Color, Chemical Concentrations, Refined Fuels, Plating Baths, ClO2 Strength, EBC Color, Wastewater Effluent

Units of measurement include: mg/L, g/L, %, APHA, Pt-Co, ASTM, Saybolt, Gardner, EBC, ICUMSA

Absorption Measurements of:

Protein Concentrations in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing, Aromatics and many other Chemicals.

Units of measurement include: PPM, mg/L, g/L, OD, %

Electrochemical Measurements of:

Conductivity, pH, Temperature

Units of measurement include: pH, mS, µS, mg/L


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